Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alright Now TED!

It is not strange news when i say that not everybody is creative. Some people don't like being artistic and are perfectly happy to live life not doing anything but their typical daily routines. But for those of us that like to create, to dream of possibilities, to insipre others or to ask that question that tingles the mind at every asking "What if?" we know that creativey comes in many ways, shapes and forms. We each have our own method, or own areas of interest, a different sandbox to play in.

But where does our creativety come from and more importantly what ideas of ours fuel our desire to be artistic?

TED is an amazing institute where creativty and productivity collide in a shared understanding. I strongly urge anyone who is anyway curious about the workings of the human mind or who likes to daydream to check it out.

It is a site rich full of ideas and passionate speaches from many creative and artitsuc people the world over.

They preach ideas worth sharing.

Two of my favourite recent watched speaches

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stotan88 said... is an awesome place to learn about new technology. In one of my classes this term, we watched many of them and I thought they were all very interesting. However there was one speech on a "sixth-sense" technology that simply blew me away; have you seen it? It's incredible!